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Hello Claudio

I was wondering whether you received this email a month or so ago. What do
you think of the base?
As per the last email I am keen to know what the names of the stones in the
table are?


Chris Puckey
Date of Posting: 13 January 2013
Posted By: Chris Puckey
Abbotsford, Victoria , Australia
Dear Claudio

Thank you so much for writing. The house is finally come together and my family and I have moved in and are really enjoying it.
I appreciate everything you have done and I hope we stay in touch for the future.

All my very best,
Date of Posting: 13 January 2013
Posted By: Tatyana
New York
Hello Claudio,

Well, after many adventures with FedEx and finding enough people to help move the table, we have finally set up our table in our dining room. Here is a picture I hope you can see.
It is a beautiful work of art and I think you will agree that it fits well in our room.
Thank you again.
Date of Posting: 13 January 2013
Posted By: Chris Thacher
Caro Carlo, Caro Claudio,
abbiamo ricevuto bene il tavolo (come vedete).
Adesso facciamo cena, con musica di Vivaldi
e un buon vino rosso Toscano !
Siamo molti contenti ! Tanti Saluti al artigiano !
Siccome è risultato cosi' bello quel tavolo siamo
interessati anche in un tavolo tipo 'Couch' con le
misure ca. 90cm x 60cm.
Potete farci un'offerta ?

Tanti saluti da Vienna
Andrea & Behrouz Tayebi
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: Andrea & Behrouz Tayebi

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